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Aberfeldy : Young Forever

In a world filled with so much hate, prejudice, bigotry and venom, meet the cure. For these Edinburgh cutesters, by releasing a debut laced with such wide-eyed optimism, unbridled giddiness and naïve melodic skill, have managed to score a point for love, hope and joy. Recalling the lovelorn splendour of early Belle And Sebastian or the blue-collar soul of Neil Young, Aberfeldy sound like a band in love with everything. 'Something I Must Tell You' sounds like the B-52's high on cherryade, while 'Helipolis At Night' could be geeky pop magicians Buggles boffing helium at the funfair. The stony-hearted will dismiss the whole thing, but – hey – we're the ones smiling.

James Jam
Rating: 9